Job Site Jobs LinkedIN Recruitment SEO Social Networks and on the raise and are the only two web sites that recorded a growth of the unique visitors numbers during September this year. According to Complete who collects the public data, as opposed to the marketing messages from the job boards, Irish Jobs, RecruitIreland and Monster both recorded a significant drop of traffic during September 2009.

September is the very important month in the online recruitment industry. In the previous ten years, almost all leading job boards would have a record numbers of visitors in September. The current recession is obviously affecting the online recruitment industry.

Are the social recruitment sites like LinkedIN and even twitter, or Irish start-ups like Jobs Market stealing the traffic from the job boards? It certainly seems the case, since the traditional job boards are obviously getting less traffic.

So what have and done to keep the traffic rising during September? A bit of SEO perhaps? What do you think?

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Ivan A. Stojnanovic
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Hi Ivan,

from the graph above it looks like Irish jobs and have both grown well, employireland stayed the same and the others dropped.

With so few jobs out there I think the jobseeker is just going to the only places with most volume. Your site has probably held up due to a larger proportion of visitors from overseas (expats etc) and more effort on SEO

@Rod – Hi, Great to see you here! I must be doing something good if I have Arithon here!!!
Honestly, It makes me proud to see the industry leaders writing comments on my blog… I guess it has to do something about the ego?:)

Well observed Rod! – yes both and Irish Jobs have actually made a gain during the year to date. What I wanted to point to is the trend during the month of September. You know yourself the importance of the September in the recruitment, and especially recruitment advertising.

Or perhaps I just got a bit carried away, since I finally caught up with the big players? Is this something to do about that ego again? :)

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