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Well I guess I owe it to you my dear readers (especially ‘The Regulars’), a bit of the visual upgrade to the When I first started blogging, I was not sure how will it work. My first few blog posts were just a bit… insecure. :)

Then I got to the first 100 visitors a day, that I have put myself as a target originally when started. And from there onwards and upwards…

Anyway, I just realised I concentrated on the quality of the content 100%. What I forgot is the ‘looks’! So, to get all my ramblings into some more readable and nicer framework I decided to start working on the visual improvement of this Jobs Blog. A properly designed logo is what I will work on first, and then the layout and the rest. Here are some samples of the fancy looking web 2.0 logos. Let me know what ones you like?


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