Irish Recruiters – First Tuesday Photos

Irish Recruiters – First Tuesday

The photos are in the reverse order. For no apparent reason.

A bit ‘Up side Down’…. :)

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Another great night for ideas to be exchanged and puting faces to names.

Many thanks again to Declan.

Thanks for taking the photos Ivan… even the dodgy one where my eyes are closed! Also, thank for those who came on the night. I really enjoyed it and look forward to more.

The next Tuesday Club I have secheduled is for late August but don’t forget about the conference on the 3rd of June… To learn more go here ( I hope people can attend and spread the news about it… Happy Hunting! Dec

Well done Ivan for the photos and many thanks to you Declan for organising the night. The group discussions were a great mine of information. Look forward to the conference in June and the next Recruiters club in August. I will prepare a question as asked on the night and e-mail it you Declan. Well done again!

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