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Defining the list of the jobs that are really Irish Jobs, or specific to Irish people both in Ireland and abroad is not an easy task. There are the traditional jobs Irish people have been associated before that include the list below

This is a list of the truly traditional Irish Jobs:

  • Farmer
  • Brewer
  • Irish Dancer
  • Musician
  • Poet / Writer
  • Those jobs are all based on the old Irish traditional values.

    Where are we today?

    Traditional Irish jobs are not advertised online today The modern Irish online recruitment industry does not serve the traditional Irish jobs recruitment at all. The Farmer inherits the farm from his father. Same as the brewer. A dancer, a musician, a writer, they are just born with a skill that if nourished blooms into the piece of art.

    Modern Irish Jobs advertised in Ireland by both employers and recruitment agencies are some completely different Irish jobs. Based on the numbers advertised online on the Irish jobs sites the Irish Jobs sought today in Ireland are:
    Pharmacy Jobs
    IT jobs
    Sales Jobs
    Banking Jobs
    Marketing Jobs
    And so on…

    Notice the difference? We still drink milk (or beer&whiskey) every day! Where is a Farmer’s job advertised? A Brewer’s job?

    If you want to get a job in Ireland to contribute to the Irish Dairy or Drinks production, you will not get a job as a Farmer or a Brewer. What you will get is one of those beautiful Modern Irish Jobs.

    A Dairy Factory will have a list of Jobs like:
    Junior IT Customer Support (1st level)
    Senior Management Consultant
    PA to Marketing Director
    HR Administrator
    Experienced Process Technician

    Hey? Where does the milk come from????

    Good old Irish Jobs were much simpler…

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