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Irish Defence Forces Jobs

Irish Defence Forces JobsJust saw a quite unusual Google AdWords campaign for the Irish job advertising market. The Irish Defence Forces is advertising (and paying the TOP Google AdWords rate!) for their add to be displayed for the keyword ‘jobs’ in

Is this the first time a Governmental agency (or how do you call the Army?) has engaged in the recruitment advertising? Is it the case where Army (The Marines) goes first to the new territories, and the others follow afterwards?

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19 replies on “Irish Defence Forces Jobs”

I am very Intrested in a Career with the Irish Army,am Born in Ireland,Mother & Father still Living in Ireland!
Can you give me some Information and Advise on Joining??
Would Appreciate any Help that you can give me!
Sincerely; Peter Clarke

i would very much like a career in the army, my grandfather
and father both served there time, i would like more info as when recruiting is starting,

i am currently in college studying to be come a professional chef and i am very interested in taking up a job in the army as a chef when i finish but am not to sure how to go about it can you help
thank you

I would very much like a career in the army. Am Twenty years old and would love to be able to join. I would be very greatfull if you could send on information when recruiting starting. thanking you very much.

Mark here i am wondering if you could send me an aplication form for a career in the army.
I am currently in 6th year but i will be finished in June and i would like to join the army for the experience.
Please E-mail me. Thank you

Hi My name is keith. I’m 25 and i’m from Ireland. I’m Looking to join the army but don’t no how to go about applying.I’m in good shape and workout everyday so fitness wouldn’t be a problem. Look forward to hearing from you.


Ps My email address

looking for something differente then usual life.i have familly in ireland and is not easy to do care about them.i live in ireland past 7 years.look forward to hearing from you.thanx

Heya. I’m a nearly 18 year old female from Ireland, and I have a great interest in joining the Army. I would be extremely grateful if you could send me an application form. My e-mail is . Thank you.

hey I’m 17 years old and i live in Northern Ireland and was hoping if you could tell me if i can be able to join the Irish army. If you could be able to send me A application form ill be really presided my email ( thanks very much….. Steven Morris

Hi, im 31. I know I dont meet the age requirements but is it still possible to join the defence forces, if so, how do I go about joining?

Hi, im 17, I live in the Repbulic of Ireland and was hoping if you could tell if i can join the irish army.If you could send me A application form i would really appreciate it. My email ( Thanking You… Brandon Day

You are all too late. The Irish Army recruitment drive commenced in summer of last year, 2011. With the worsening recession and all the cutbacks they will certainly not be recruiting for the foreseeable future, thats for sure, so you guys need to pick some other career option

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