Interview Questions: Tell me about yourself

According to the Monster Jobs Site, the most used interview question is:

Are you ready to answer the Tell me about yourself question? If not, you should prepare the answer for that most common interview question.

Here is the advice from Monster Jobs Site:

Tell me about yourself – This is usually the opening question and, as first impressions are key, one of the most important. Keep your answer to under five minutes, beginning with an overview of your highest qualification then running through the jobs you’ve held so far in your career. You can follow the same structure of your CV, giving examples of achievements and the skills you’ve picked up along the way. Don’t go into too much detail – your interviewer will probably take notes and ask for you to expand on any areas where they’d like more information. If you’re interviewing for your first job since leaving education, focus on the areas of your studies you most enjoyed and how that has led to you wanting this particular role.

Be aware that if this is a first question it sets the tone for the whole interview. With a well prepared and planned answer you can steer where you want the rest of the interview to go to. Get your answer ready for the Tell me about yourself – today!

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Found this very interesting, we have recently published some interview tips on our new look website for jobs online. It carries mostly jobs in Northern Ireland.

Jobseekers are clueless!

Times Of India (July 20, 2010) reports:

 In Germany, resumes generally include a photograph and information considered taboo for employers in many countries, such as, date of birth, marital status and nationality.

 A 2010 study by the private Bonn-based Institute for the Study of Labor showed rampant bias in hiring.

 This prompted the German Anti-Discrimination Agency to sponsor a voluntary program under which company recruiters will process only “Blind” resumes that remove any reference to ethnic background or other personal information irrelevant to job performance.

 Procter and Gamble and L’Oreal who have joined this program say the idea is to show to other recruiters what they were sacrificing with their prejudices.

No doubt a welcome beginning, but the unemployed around the world just do not want to risk their resumes getting summarily rejected because these contain “insufficient” information!

As long as job advertisements fail to clearly spell-out what information is “relevant” and what is “taboo”, jobseekers around the world would continue to err on the safe side!

With regards

hemen parekh

Jobs for All = Peace on Earth

No Mobiles for unemployed Girls ?

Times of India ( 24 Nov.2010 ) reports :

County administration ( Panchayat ) of Lakh village ( UP / India ) has prohibited girls from using cell phones.

Earlier it had issued directives to girls, not to,

wear tight clothes

dance on stage at parties or even at home

Panchayat believes that mobile phones were to blame for the rise in elopement and same-caste marriages.

But Panchayat will change its mind if it knew that girls too can receive

Job Alerts on Mobile – JAM

Even in a village, having a job vastly improves the marriage-prospects of a girl . Boys simply love a working girl !

With regards

hemen parekh

Jobs for All = Peace on earth

On the above comment from hemen parekh, you are so right about job seekers being so clueless. and the 2nd comment of yours about females, makes me sick to know this still happens in parts of the world. I think everyone would work, not just for the money part of it, but to help all people have a “feel good sense” about themselves.

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