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Indeed coming to Dublin

Indeed in IrelandAfter Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter setting up in Dublin, the global job scraping site Indeed is setting up its European HQ on our soil. The first interviews will be held in the second half of January by their US staff (VP level) and the UK based Indeed staff.

About Indeed from their own web site:

Indeed is the #1 job site worldwide, with over 50 million unique visitors and 1 billion job searches per month. Indeed is available in more than 50 countries and 26 languages, covering 94% of global GDP.

Indeed has been active in Ireland in some form by sending traffic to the Irish job sites for many years now. They would ‘scrape’ the jobs from the job sites, display on and when a visitor clicks to apply, he or she lands on the job advertised on the job site (and exact page) the job is taken from. Indeed has also registered the Irish domain quite a few years ago, and a couple years ago started actually displaying jobs on the Irish sites on their own Paid service includes submitting a feed to Indeed, with your latest jobs in the XMPL format that they update once a day on their own site.

We wish all the best to Indeed with their future in Ireland!

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