I want a new job!

Be careful what you wish for!

I want a new job web site (iwantanewjob.ie) is still in Beta phase, but it does look like a job site already. The prominent placement of the job search facility on the home page is good.

Job advertising is free until the end of January 2010. The pricing is low, and the site is already hosting numerous banners trying to monetize the traffic. With the Alexa traffic ranking of 6,590,136 (This site JobsBlog.ie is on 718,509 today), meaning there is 6.5 million web sites with more traffic; it will be hard to monetize the traffic.

With the December coming, and we all know what December online job search figures are (although this recession might turn things up side down!) Iwantanewjob.ie is not likely to attract any significant traffic this year. But that was probably the plan anyway, to take some time to get the jobs up there first.

Well all the best wishes to ‘I Want a New job’ jobs site. Perhaps there should also be a site called: ‘I Want My Old Job Back’.

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One thought on “I want a new job!”

  1. Great idea for a new website. Especially given the last few years. Paul Lanigan recently posted about ‘Getting people out of their comfort zone’ on the O2 ideas room. He believes that there are a number of logical reasons why people do/don’t like certain jobs and if they can be found out, they can be analyzed and even changed. This maybe quite relevant to your initiative.

    All the best,

    Elaine @ O2 ideas room

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