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Hundreds of IT jobs available – will there be candidates?

Every second day there is another announcement that het another hundred new IT jobs are available in Ireland. City Bank announced 250 last week, and only today there is 105 new HP Jobs in Galway. With so many of the graduates leaving Ireland, will there be enough heads to fill all those new IT positions announced? Recruiting from other countries to bring people to Ireland as well might not be the easiest thing with Ireland being broke mentioned on every international news published in the western world.

Are we getting into the even worse shortage of the IT candidates than we ever had?

If the shortage of the IT professionals deepens, it will eventually drive to the following outcomes:
1. Higher cost of hiring IT staff – since employers will start offering more to attract new candidates
2. Higher cost of doing business in Ireland, because of the high staff costs – making Irish IT export suffer, and blocks new IT companies setting up in Ireland.
3. Less new jobs being created, as a result as the un-competitiveness
4. Fewer job opportunities in IT for the existing IT graduates – pushing them to emigrate

The cycle goes on and on and the outcome is all but good for the country, for employers or for candidates. It does sound like a Loose–Loose situation far more than a Win-Win one. Do I see it just completely wrong? Or am I just a bit pessimistic today?

What do you thing the shortage of the IT staff in Ireland will be like in the future? And also what will it result in?

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