4 thoughts on “How to write a job advertisement – for Google?”

  1. Good advice.
    This is what we are looking for, especially for employers.
    But maybe this is good for job seekers as well.
    Free advice on a free site is always a good stuff.

    keep posting.

  2. Hi, i am kavitha, i am under graduate but still ihave for domestic call centre for 3 years i know tally 9 version but still i am under graduate but i am looking for the job for back office or customer support pls to get back to me as soon as possible

  3. We are looking for someone who can help us with our Kids and Do Little House Work.
    The hours are minimum (3pm-7pm Mon-Fri). Collecting from school, preparing meals, tidying rooms, laundry and shopping.

    We would really like someone who can work hours at the weekends too. 3 hours on Saturday.
    Who is willing to do Little House work. I am flexible with time off.

    We live in small village, it is very rural and we are looking for someone smiley, energetic and who likes the outdoor life!

    Definitely more hours negotiable, if wanted.

    A references min. please. You need to be a confident and careful driver. Must speak good Fluent English and already to be in the United Kingdom.

    Applicant who is interested can contact me with CV and A Photograph: mr.adamscharles@yahoo.com “or” mr.adamscharles@gmail.com

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