Hosting365 is down again…

I am glad my blog is with, because Hosting365 is down again.


An interesting thing happened after the last time Hosting365 was down for about a whole day. It was Friday if I remember correctly. What happened next was an email informing the clients that the prices are going up. And not just a few percent up, but Boy that was a shocker! Again if I am not wrong a U1 slot went from €79 to €149 or something ridiculous like that. Perhaps they lost a lot of clients because of a long downtime, so they had to fix the dent in the budget.

I wonder if we are going to get the same price hike after this downtime. The longer we are offline the scarier it gets. Not because our web site is off, but because more clients might leave Hosting365, and we the remaining ones might end up paying more again. So please Hosting365, do fix this all quick, I really do not want to go through the hassle of moving my hardware from you. And I will have to if you keep on raising the price!

I guess there is a reason we tolerate those downtimes. And perhaps one of them is that Hosting365 has the cheapest .ie domain names in Ireland. Second is that their phone support works. It is not perfect, but the best I have experienced so far.

It is actually quite funny, since the Hosting365 is not the only issue currently on the net. Parts of the South Europe also have some serious DNS problems, since some countries cannot ‘see’ a majority of the internet in the last hour as well.

Did you notice that there is almost no SPAM in the last hour? Isn’t that just nice?!

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In fairness, we put up our colocation rates more than 6 months after the problem, and in line with market increases (the average increase was 20% across the full range).

We apologise if todays issue effected you, we take delivery of our service very seriously, highlighted by the fact that outages are very rare. Many thanks for your positive comments, we’ll do our best to keep prices in line :)

I’m at the end of my tether with H365.

We use a mix of dedicated and shared hosting and once or twice a month we loose connection to a shared mysql server, bringing down about 10 websites!

By the time I have got someone on the phone the server is back online, and the technician tells me the problem never existed!!! Its super annoying!

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