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Happy with your Job?

myhorizonlogoA study by Irish jobs website MyHorizon has found that 94 percent of Irish people are not working in their dream job.

The report found that job seekers are willing to take the measures required to change this however, as 60 percent said they would be willing to go back to college to get the training needed to find their dream job. Career guidance had proven to be a problem area for most respondents with 88 percent saying they had received no guidance since leaving second level education.

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2 replies on “Happy with your Job?”

How many people really want to improve their job prospects? It’s a load of Bovine Skitology. I get resumes all the time and they are so poorly written or out-of-date that they get tossed out. I know, because read them daily. I don’t think pipeline jobs are any different than other industries. The quality of the resumes determines who gets to the next step. So here’s a little tip. Rewrite your resume and make it good. There might be a better job on your horizon.

I’m not going to identify it as doing so would identify the person/company in question and for the time being I’m not willing to do that.

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