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The Google Ireland Jobs page is designed in the traditional Google Design Stile. The only ‘Outstanding’ design elements Google Recruitment or Web Development department found appropriate to place on the site is a bit of the green font. Noticeable is also the usage of the word ‘Opening’ instead of the job. That is most likely the trace of some super-wise marketing agency, trying to avoid the connotation of job – work – long hours – low salary – slavery. Instead they call it an ‘Opening’ where one could build his career – success – happy family – new house – a Volvo Estate, two dogs, and a house in the suburbs.

A bit of showing off with the always suspicious: 10 Best Companies to Word For – Ireland 2007, awarded by the Irish Independent (presumably to the largest advertisers).

Striking is the Google’s complete ignorance of the SEO on its own recruitment pages.
The URLs like:

The non existence of the proper and relevant META and TITLES just shows how Google is the company that does not depend at all on the Search Engine Optimisation, but probably has a completely different set of problems like managing the volumes than the average recruiter.

The absence of any contact details, not phone, no email not even a physical address(???) just confirms the obvious problem with the quantity of applications.

From the usability point, there is no way for a job seeker to subscribe in any way. No email alerts and no RSS. That is a decision I do not really understand. It is like saying: “We do not want return visitors!”. Non inclusion of the RSS feed is probably the biggest mistake on the Google’s Jobs site.

There is also a greyed out footer on all the pages that reads:
To all recruitment agencies:
Google does not accept agency resumes. Please do not forward resumes to our jobs alias, Google employees or any other company location. Google is not responsible for any fees related to unsolicited resumes.

Perhaps the last sentence of that footer tells you about the business practices of the recruitment agencies Google has had to deal with.

Overall impression? Google’s Recruitment web site is the fastest recruitment web site. But there is a feeling that there is something missing here. The absence of any contact details is just striking. I believe it is unique in the Irish market, and that alone makes it hard/not acceptable. The absence of the RSS feed is also surprising from a 100% Web 2.0 company.

The extensive usage of Google AdWords to advertise this site puts other AdWords publishers in the recruitment industry in a disadvantage, since Google itself does not have to pay for it. In the same time it is competing for the positions in AdWords with its clients who pay big sums every month. It might be (or is it?) legal, but certainly is not moral at all.

Conclusion: One would expect Google should do better. Recruitment obviously is obviously falling far behind the strengths the company has in other fields.

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4 thoughts on “Google Ireland Jobs”

  1. I am from north county dublin and I would like an office/administration or data input job. I would like to know if there are any vacancies of my request please. Thanks

  2. Im 16 years old, still in secondary school and I feel that working at Google is the ONLY place I would love to work at in Ireland. The fact that its so multi-cultural is great, you meet new people, and the most important factor is that you can actually enjoy yourself.

    The creativity involved is just insane, i love it!!! :D

    Could somebody plz suggest to me a college course to aim for if I want to find a job at Google? That would be awesome ;) Thanks! =)

  3. @Robbie – Google hires mostly Sales and Account Managers in Ireland. This are the people who help the AdWords users. Search for the Google AdWords Certified Professional training in Google, and see if you can get accredited. It shouldn’t cost nothing. That would be where I would start.

  4. I am currently sitting my leaving certificate and am presuing a career in IT. However, Over the summer. I would like to do some training before i start college. Google would be an honorable place to active training from. If there are any courses available, regardless or price, Can you let me know.

    Thanks guys,

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