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Costs of Jobs Advertising

Irish recruitment websites fall into two groups. First advertise their prices online and others do not. I always wondered why is that?

Here are the prices from the Irish job sites for a single job advertising: – €99
Monster – €99
EmployIreland – €149 (includes CV Database)
LoadzaJobs – €280 – €390
Irish Jobs -€950

The last two sites and Irish Jobs do not have their prices published online. Now I realise why! Those are the two most expensive jobs sites in Ireland. Irish Jobs almost 10 times more expensive than the rest? They must have a really great sales team….

Now in all fairness, in a few minutes on the phone did drop the price to €350 and Irish Jobs gave a whopping €150 discount to a total price of just €800.

Another available option is LinkedIN where you can post a job for €195. With 34 jobs posted for the whole country, it does not seem to be a greatest place to advertise a job. Or a hidden gem?

The cost of job advertisement in Ireland varies greatly. The web sites without the pricing clearly displayed seem to be by far the most expensive. Honestly I do not see how they justify the prices. Also their sales team has to be applauded. They will look for the commitment before close of business at 5PM. They would explain it with some ‘Cut off’ imaginary time for all ads of the day. All in all, serious sales training is involved there, and it’s obvious from the first 30 seconds on the phone – when they avoid telling you the price at all costs.

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Ivan A. Stojnanovic
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Your post is interesting Ivan,

However you forgot to mention that RecruitIreland and Monster’s €99 per ad is only for 14 days exposure.
A full month advertising on Monster is €290.
Loadzajobs’ €280 is for a full month exposure on the website and includes advertisement on The Irish Independent, The Evening Herald and The Sunday Independent. Loadzajobs is the only Jobs portal that offers online and print advertisement in Ireland.

@Paraic – Welcome to JobsBlog! I think it is the first time we have anyone from Irish Jobs participating? Did the company policy change? 

I do not think Irish Jobs will last as a business model. It worked great up until a year ago. Two things are against it – the recession and social media.

Think about it – two years ago you couldn’t find a price comparison of the Irish Jobs sites online. Today? It’s a whole different story.

@Hinde – Great to see LoadzaJobs here on JobsBlog as well!

What I did in the price comparison chart was a perspective of the employer. The customer. What I wanted to compare is the entry point – How much to advertise my job?

What we as job boards do is we do ‘Bundles’ on top of ‘Bundles’ – and then we show proudly how a job advertising slot costs ONLY: ‘X’. And the ‘X’ is a fairly small fee.

But in reality the employer has to pay a few hundred euro to get his job advertised with most of the web sites. This is why I like the move Monster and RecruitIreland have made – and followed their example – by bringing the single job advertising to €99. The funnies thing that this move made is that it actually attracted big advertisers – the real spenders.

Thanks for this overview. Even though it’s from a few years ago it’s still helpful. I’m finding that the more expensive ones come up higher on Google searches that recruits would use, so that may be their justification. Though some of the cheaper ones come up as well.

I’m glad there are some that offer a 14 day option because it’s better to try out a service.

Hi Ivan,

The blog made interesting reading , are a new to the market place you may be interested to know pricing. is designed to make job advertising more affordable for all businesses of all sizes.

1 job slot on our site €99 ex VAT for 2 months with no extra costs involved .

Regards Greig

@Greig – With the LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook having far higher reach, and the targeted advertising options, I kind of have a feeling that paid job adverts are slowly slipping into the past…

Anyway, all the best with it. I was wrong so many times before! :)

Hi Ivan,
Nice article, still very relevant today! I’ve monitored these recruitment websites for years now and found very little has changed in regard to prices or features.

So I’ve decided to do something about it! will be launching in the New Year, and packages include a single post for €69+vat or 10 posts for €49+vat each; all packages offer listings for up to 120 days.

All prices aside, I actually intend on doing something different with ie4jobs, but that’s something I’ll keep under my hat for now.

All the best!


Jobbio is another new jobs website in the market and they are doing good I believe.

Majority of these so called job sites are a load of rubbish with very little value to the end user and the employers.

Waiting for see someone changing the traditional way of job hunting.


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