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Richard Bruton, Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation interested in career opportunities

It is not that often that LinkedIn makes me laugh. But today it did! After accepting a connection request from a friend LinkedIn displayed a list of people I should connect to. Great and handy feature from LinkedIn. On the first page, there was one I recognised. But not from real life but from the TV screen. It was Richard Bruton, Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation. I instantly felt good that LinkedIn thinks I am so important that I should link with a Minister in the Irish Government. And not just any minister, but a minister for Jobs. Since I work in recruitment for more than 10 years, there actually is a merit in that connection.

Anyway, I clicked on the photo to see the full LinkedIn profile of Richard Bruton who LinkedIn recommended I should connect with. I was scanning the profile – searching for the email address that (as usual!) wasn’t on the profile page. Fortunately googling the name and the title brought me to the page where I could get Richard’s email. But one thing caught my eye at the bottom of his LinkedIn profile.

Contact Richard for:
• career opportunities
• consulting offers
• new ventures
• job inquiries
• expertise requests
• business deals
• reference requests
• getting back in touch

There I had to notice that it is a bit funny that the Minister for Jobs is also interested in the career opportunities himself?!

I have sent MR Bruton an invitation as LinkedIn suggested, and of course, mentioned that it could be understood in unexpected ways that he is interested in the career opportunities while having the ‘Minister for Jobs’ title.

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Brightwater Salary Survey 2012

There is no doubt that the market has improved on the jobs front. Of course, we are talking an improvement from the drastic situation of 2009, to an improvement in 2010 and on into 2011. The best thing to improve the jobs market is confidence. Confidence means that people are optimistically looking to the future of their businesses and planning for growth. Of course, there isn’t universal optimism at the moment, and how can there be?
However, what we have is the next best thing and that is stability. Management can plan again with some surety and this confidence was reflected in quarterly figures where from April – June 2011 the numbers working in Ireland increased on January – March (1,804,200 to 1,821,300). This was the first growth in employment since quarter one 2008, with particularly strong growth in Dublin.
As you will see from the salary survey, salaries are beginning to rise again, but with some sectors performing better than others. Surprising areas of growth have been in things like Financial Services and Pharmaceuticals, with Information Technology continuing its long boom. Construction and related industries continue to suffer, but even these appear to be bottoming out.
I believe we will continue to see slow but steady growth for the next while, before the austerity measures run their course and the tiger roars again! –
David Bloch – Managing Director at Brightwater Recruitment

This is our 13th annual salary survey and one of the most interesting to compile so far. Whilst conducting the survey we have found that companies are diligently watching what’s going on within their sector and are keen to hear what their competitors are doing in relation to pay reviews and salaries in general. The overall sense we are getting is one of cautious optimism. Companies are being sensible and in general are looking at slight increases for key personnel.
Some companies still have a number of staff members that they feel are ‘overpaid’ in the current market and where this applies they are freezing their salaries to try and bring them in line with the market rate.
We are seeing a return of bonuses this year but nothing like those that were paid out during the boom. Sales staff are being rewarded on their sales growth and not necessarily seeing it in their basic salary. Not surprisingly, contract roles are on the increase and these salaries are on par with permanent salaries, however, completion bonuses have made a return.
Finance roles in general are increasing and modest increments are being offered at review time. As the IT market is still candidate led, salaries are increasing in this space at a slightly higher rate than in other areas.
Overall, things are moving again, albeit at a modest pace. It has been encouraging to hear our clients projecting growth again in 2012 and budgeting for new hires. – Mairead Fleming – Deputy Managing Director at Brightwater

The Office Support permanent recruitment market has remained fairly static for 2011 – we expect this trend to continue for the foreseeable future with little uplift. For those employers that are hiring across permanent office support roles, multitasking is the order of the day. Employers expect more “bang for their buck” and expect employees to take on more responsibilities – so flexibility and upskilling from an employee is what is required to ensure that they are keeping ahead of their competition.
However, the trend to hire temporary office support staff as a stop-gap has been pretty vibrant for the majority of 2011 and we absolutely see this trend continuing for 2012. Temporary staff to cover holidays and maternity leave offer the perfect solution to employers to test an employee’s all round skills and willingness to take on additional duties without the employer feeling the need to add to their head count until their overall business improves.
Notwithstanding this, there is a feeling of a little improvement across most sectors currently and should this optimism continue, we expect employment in the office support area to increase albeit slowly for the duration of 2012. – Barbara McGrath – Director at Brightwater

Download the full Brightwater Salary Survey 2012.

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Morgan McKinley Ireland Salary Survey 2012

Morgan McKinley Ireland Salary Survey 2012

Survey finds more than half of Irish professionals have a more positive business outlook for 2012 compared to 2011

Thursday, 5th January 2011 – Morgan McKinley has today released its latest Ireland Salary Survey which offers insights into business confidence, remuneration and human resources trends for professionals working in financial services, professional services, manufacturing and IT in 2012.

Salary Survey Highlights:

o Almost half of respondents (47%) working in financial services, professional services, manufacturing and IT have a more positive business outlook for 2012 compared to 2011. A further 11% feel significantly more positive about the business climate in 2012.

o The majority (58%) expect salaries to remain the same within their businesses over the next 12 months

o Talent attraction is perceived to be the biggest human resources challenge (chosen by 23% of respondents), followed by talent retention (19%) and skills shortages (16%)

o Positively, a low percentage (4%) of HR managers and business leaders are concerned about handling redundancies this year.

The Morgan McKinley Ireland Salary Survey 2012 found that almost half (47%) of HR managers and business leaders surveyed have a more positive business outlook for 2012 compared to 2011. A further 11% feel significantly more positive about the business climate in 2012, whilst 32% say their outlook has not changed from last year.

When asked about compensation trends, the majority (58%) said that they expect salaries to remain the same within their businesses over the next 12 months. However, 21% predict that salaries will increase, albeit modestly, by approximately 1-5%. Conversely, 13% feel that salaries within their businesses will decrease by 1-5% in 2012. These findings are similar to last year’s survey results, in which 64% of managers thought salaries would remain stable in 2011.

Survey participants were also asked what they thought would be the biggest human resources challenge they would have to face in 2012. The highest response was for attracting professionals (23%), followed by talent retention (19%) and skills shortages (16%). Positively, the percentage of managers concerned about handling redundancies in the coming 12 months is quite low at 4%.

Please note: a breakdown of results by sector (financial services, professional services, manufacturing and IT) is available upon request.

Karen O’Flaherty, Chief Operations Officer, Morgan McKinley Ireland commented:
“The findings of our latest Salary Survey point towards a slight lift in business confidence in Ireland, with almost half of managers claiming to have a more positive outlook for 2012 compared to 2011. Although there is still considerable uncertainty in the market and growth predictions are sombre, the major steps taken last year towards Ireland’s economic recovery have made many professionals feel that it is time to ‘move on’ and work towards a stronger and more stable 2012.

“This increased optimism does not necessarily equate to increased salaries however, with the majority of respondents expecting salaries within their businesses to remain unchanged over the next 12 months. A negligible number of managers surveyed (0.2%) expect to see salary increases of more than 10%; it is likely that any significant rises will be within fields where demand for professionals far outstrips supply, for example, IT software developers, multilingual specialists or senior finance professionals.”

“Taking into account the current mood of austerity and ongoing uncertainty over the Euro currency, it may seem strange that talent attraction, talent retention and skills shortages are seen as predominant issues facing human resources managers in 2012. Employers recognise there are still shortages of skilled professionals in certain sectors, so sourcing and retaining top talent within allocated recruitment budgets is a priority, even in this challenging economic climate.”

To compile the Morgan McKinley Ireland Salary Survey 2012, Morgan McKinley conducted telephone and email surveys with 584 HR managers and business leaders working for financial services, professional services, manufacturing and IT companies across the Republic of Ireland.

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Indeed coming to Dublin

Indeed in IrelandAfter Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter setting up in Dublin, the global job scraping site Indeed is setting up its European HQ on our soil. The first interviews will be held in the second half of January by their US staff (VP level) and the UK based Indeed staff.

About Indeed from their own web site:

Indeed is the #1 job site worldwide, with over 50 million unique visitors and 1 billion job searches per month. Indeed is available in more than 50 countries and 26 languages, covering 94% of global GDP.

Indeed has been active in Ireland in some form by sending traffic to the Irish job sites for many years now. They would ‘scrape’ the jobs from the job sites, display on and when a visitor clicks to apply, he or she lands on the job advertised on the job site (and exact page) the job is taken from. Indeed has also registered the Irish domain quite a few years ago, and a couple years ago started actually displaying jobs on the Irish sites on their own Paid service includes submitting a feed to Indeed, with your latest jobs in the XMPL format that they update once a day on their own site.

We wish all the best to Indeed with their future in Ireland!

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#truDublin Social Recrutitment Video in the making

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Ivan Stojanovic interviewed for the Irish Executives (LinkedIn Group): Inspire Ireland award 2011

Jobs Board got shortlisted for the Irish executives Inspire Ireland 2011 Award. 7 of us got shortlisted and one after another we presented our business plans to the Irish Executives judges today. It was an online event. Video conferencing was used that connected us all. I never presented a business plan to a camera as opposed to the live audience in front of me so it was a bit strange doing it the first time. The video quality regardless of how good it is, still makes it harder to ‘read’ your audience. You do not see those fine details of their facial expressions. Also, you only see the part of the body that the camera is capturing. I only realised all that at the end of the conference, since although I ‘saw’ the recipient, I could not really confidently say how good did the whole presentation actually work. Was it all convincing? I am not sure actually.

Ivan Stojanovic interviewed for the Irish Executives (LinkedIn Group) Inspire Ireland award 2011

The format is also distracting a bit because the PowerPoint presentation has to be managed by a precise click on the screen, as opposed to the clicker. This makes you look for a second or two at the screen as opposed at the camera, and being aware it does not look right on the other end it made me uncomfortable a bit. A hint if you are developing a video conferencing software. Make sure people can use the keyboard or the clicker for their PowerPoint presentations as opposed to some super small arrow buttons on the screen.

Being shortlisted for the Irish Recruiters Inspire Ireland Award is probably the best thing that could happen to so early in its lifetime. The only better thing would be to actually win the Award! The publicity is what it is all about, and a recognition by the very high-level judging panel.

I wish all the best to all other participants, especially those that got shortlisted and interviewed today with me. Regardless of the end results being shortlisted is an achievement we should all be proud of. Let the best man win tomorrow!

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Eircom Jobs Video

Eircom Jobs Video

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Press Release: NRF Awards Winners 2011

Press Release NRF Awards Winners 2011

NRF in association with Irish Independent

Parc Aviation “FLY AWAY” with 4 awards at NRF Recruitment Industry Awards 2011
Parc Aviation scooped the best agency of the year award for large agency whilst Recruitment Plus scored Best Small Agency for the 2nd year in row, at the 5th annual recruitment awards which took place on Friday evening, (25th November 2011) at a gala awards ceremonyin The Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin. This was the biggest event ever held by the NRF with more than 320 attendees at the Ceremony which was presented by RTE’s Pamela Flood.
Robert Walters clinched the award for Best Agency Online Service for the second year running whilst Careers Register won the Accountancy and Finance category for ‘Best in Practice’.
Parc Aviation and Recruitment Plus were hailed by the judges as ‘leaders in their industry’. The judges found them to ‘have clear roadmaps of where they want to be, their commitment to the customer came across very strongly and they are completely in touch in what is required of them. Staff retention is testament to what they have achieved and in both cases professionalism has shone through’.
Parc Aviation got off to a winning start from the beginning of the night. First up to the winning podium for Parc Aviation was Nikki King who was awarded one of the coveted Graduate of the year awards.  Also receiving recognition in the ‘Best in Practice’ category they won Best in Practice Technical, Engineering & Science and the Best Practice in “Specialism” Awards.
Sigmar’s Peter Nunan was awarded Recruitment Consultant of the year narrowly beating off stiff competition from the other 6 shortlisted nominees who were,Grafton Recruitment’s Kevin Clarke, Lisa Collins from Hays, Sandra Mc Guirk from Parc, Lisa Russell from Servisource, Louise Delany from Quest Recruitment and Karen Kavanagh from Noel Recruitment. Sigmar were also awarded Best in Practice Sales & Marketing for the 2nd year running whilst Shaun O’ Shea was another winner of the Graduate of the Year award.
Servisource took the Best in Practice “Healthcare” and O’Reilly Recruitment took the Best in Practice “Light Industrial”.
CPL was awarded Best in Practice “IT & Telecoms” and Misty Plotner received a winner award for Graduate of the year.
Osborne Recruitment took the Best in Practice “Office & Secretarial” and Joanne Murray received a graduate of the year winners’ award.
Noel Recruitment took the Best in practice Hotel & Catering for the 4th year running and Karen Kavanagh took a winner award for Graduate of the year.
Designed to identify and reward excellence in recruitment in Ireland, the initiative was open to all NRF members and judged by an independent panel.
  • BEST IN PRACTICE – HOTEL & CATERING – Noel Recruitment
  • BEST IN PRACTICE – In a Specialism– Parc Aviation
  • AGENCY OF THE YEAR – SMALL – Recruitment Plus
·         AGENCY OF THE YEAR – LARGE – Parc Aviation
·         NRF Cert RP Graduates of the year – Karen Kavanagh Noel Recruitment, Nikki King Parc Aviation, Joanne Murray Osborne Recruitment, Misty Plotner CPL and Shaun O’Shea Sigmar Recruitment.
The panel of judges were; Tony Lambert – CEO, Fingal Chamber of Commerce, Patrick Meehan, Invictus Management, Gillian Econopouly, Recruitment Employment Confederation UK, and the online award was judged by Sorcha Corcoran of Silicon Republic. Chairperson of the Judging Panel, Tony Lambert told the delegates how challenging it was for the adjudicators to elect a winner in a lot of categories. Not only had the volume of entries increased on every other year since the awards began but the sheer quality and outstanding excellence was evident in all applications. To be on the shortlists this year was in itself an achievement.
NRF President Mr. Colin Donnery (FRS Recruitment), “It was a fantastic celebration of our industry and the industry should be proud of all it has achieved over what has been another hard and turbulent year for some. Resilience and determination has shone through and this was echoed by the number of entries to this years awards and the turn out at the ceremony. The atmosphere in the room was one of great camaraderie and respect amongst our industry.”
The NRF also awarded Mary B Cremin with an Honorary Fellowship Award. Director of NRF Geraldine King gave the delegates a little bit of history of how Mary came to be one of the most respected names in the Industry. Even though she is now retired her reputation and her passion for excellence will always be remembered.
The National Recruitment Federation is a voluntary organisation set up to establish and maintain standards and codes of practice for the recruitment industry. Representing member companies throughout Ireland the NRF focuses its attentions on providing these members who have opted for self-regulation with the best possible service in terms of communication, support, advice sharing and problem solving.
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INTERVIEW with Robert McGonnell, founder of the new Irish video recruitment web site:

How did you come to the idea of starting the site (tell us about yourself here a bit)?
My background is primarily recruitment orientated having managed a busy Sales & Marketing desk in a Dublin based agency and having dealt with some major market leading FMCG companies. I also worked as a Grade IV Office in St. James’ Hospital in Dublin where I was responsible for the wage processing and recruitment administration of over 400 Nurses, Attendants and Clinical Nurse Managers. But my work history has also included employment in the high end equine breeding industry, motor vehicle sales and tourism so I guess I like the challenges that a bit of variety can throw at you. This experience coupled with an academic business grounding from the Michael Smurfit Business School in Blackrock had the cogs turning in my brain about how to deconstruct and re-approach the online recruitment business model.

What was the gap that you found out in the crowded market of job sites in Ireland?
Basically I found that many of the mainstream recruitment websites in Ireland offered very little differentiation and I wanted to launch a recruitment site that had a “help-centric” focus. I decided to focus on presenting an alternative website that offered a benefit for both job seekers and employers.
Granted the mainstream recruitment websites in Ireland are well established and have thousands of registered users, high traffic volumes, brand recognition etc but in many ways they’re just a talent swamp. The main problems I identified; if I as a candidate upload my CV on one of these websites it’s tricky to stand out from the crowd and get noticed which ultimately translates to a reduced likelihood of securing an interview/job. A CV can’t effectively demonstrate how a candidate may present, give an indication of their personality, communication skills etc. offers candidates the opportunity to upload a 60 second Introductory Video Profile to accompany their standard CV application. A Video Profile gives a candidate an opportunity to bring their CV to life and give a personal touch to their job application.
The main benefit of a Video Profile as an employer is this. If a recruiter posts a job they’re likely to receive dozens if not hundreds of applications with limited tools to rank or select according to suitability. It can sometimes be a gamble when inviting candidates to interview based on their CV/cover letter alone which can often lead to disappointment and time waste. A 60 second Video Profile is in no way meant to replace a face to face interview but is intended to be a useful stepping stone by providing a recruiter with an immediate online first impression prior to interview stage.

Unique selling proposition?
The Video Profile feature coupled with’s help-centric focus could save could save time, cost and effort for everyone involved in the recruitment process.

What is the intended route to market?
Mostly online advertising with planned radio advertising, “grabvertising” and guerrilla marketing campaigns planned for the New Year 2012.

Monetisation strategy?
The website’s build has been self-funded with a zero debt policy. It’s meant having to live like a bit of a hermit over the past year but I’m confident this sacrifice will pay off in the long run. I plan to introduce an online payment system on the site where recruiters/employers can choose an advertising package that matches their requirements. For the time being though I’d like to invite all first time advertisers to a FREE trial of the site. Simply register on and we’ll help you find new staff for the Christmas rush or New Year 2012… no fee, no charge, no catch or tie-in, 100% FREE. Contact me at for info.

How are you finding it so far?
It’s been a big learning curve as is my first venture but the experience I’ve gained is amazing and will stand to me in the long term. Right now I’m looking forward to earning a reputation as a mainstream recruitment website in Ireland.

What do recruiters say?
The feedback I’ve receive has been very positive however there’s always going to be some reluctance and hence persuasion involved as it’s a brand new website. Recruiters are especially interested in the potential time save that Video Profiles could result in as they would reduce the reliance on having to conduct preliminary screening interviews.

What do job seekers say?
Ok, to put this question another way…’Why would a job seeker be bothered creating a Video Profile?’ I think this would’ve been a tricky question to answer a couple of years ago but essentially now job seekers really should be prepared to try any means possible to get their application noticed. The instance of the ‘Jobless Paddy’ during the summer highlights the extreme lengths some candidates are willing to go too just to get noticed. Couple this reality with the spread of tech savvy knowledge regarding online social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, Twitter, MySpace etc and I think it’s reasonable to say that a large section of job seekers should be perfectly capable to record a 60 second video profile on a webcam and follow the instructions for uploading it on!
The candidate will find helpful tips and guidelines on creating a Video Profile on the homepage. The merits of a Video Profile basically allow a candidate to back up any claims made in a CV, for instance if they say they have effective communication skills or fluent French the video permits them with an outlet to validate those claims. The jobseeker can also select the level of privacy for their Video Profile/CV on their private account.
A Video Profile is generally new territory for job seekers in Ireland. However recruitment is going to move more and more in this direction in the future and the feedback that I’ve receive so far has been very positive.

What re the next steps?’s focus is to offer a help-centric approach to online recruitment in Ireland. The Video Profile is the first step. plans to introduce innovative new features and solutions on an incrementally basis as the site goes from strength to strength so stay tuned.

What are the next milestones?’s mission is to become a mainstream online recruitment solution in Ireland. However there’s no sense in having an unrealistic expectation that that sort of milestone is going to be achieved without a lot of hard work. So for the time being it’s going to be baby steps, the 1000th registered candidate isn’t far off now so that would be a mini triumph.

Where do you see it in a year?
I see a well-recognised brand within recruitment circles and a cost effective online recruitment solution for employers.
I also see Video Profile’s as a more accepted standard of job application method for job seekers.

How do you see the online recruitment market evolving in Ireland?
10 years ago the majority of CV’s/job applications were sent in the post, that’s pretty much unheard of today as job applications are mostly done online now. So I think recruitment in Ireland is sure to move further into the realm of online technology and social media platforms in the future. Taking this into account I think virtual interviews and ready to view Video Profiles will become standard practice.

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Searching for a developer, looking at client success stories I found an interesting video recruitment site. Here is a full case study from a web developer about it.

Client background
Bee Interviewed Limited is in the business of online recruitment. They are innovative and always look for smart solutions to the job portal market. They started a project in which the conventional CV would not play any major role. Instead they wanted to use Video technology to integrate with candidate profile. This would give the employer to see and evaluate a candidate on various soft skills.

The challenges
The need was to develop an interactive platform whereby both employers and candidates have the best solution concerning jobs. The market is flooded with job portals, and it was no easy task to spearhead the competition unless some innovative techniques are provided that result in more effective evaluation of the candidate by employers. A video profile system creation is the absolute solution towards judging ability of the candidate in a more distinct way.

eCeltic’s Solution
Vintavu was developed for creating an interactive job vacancy form for candidates. This web application is to be conceived in its current form as a dynamic site-requiring constant updates both from the seekers as well as the companies. It focuses on the Graduate and Pre-Graduate candidate with career experience.
On the whole the objective of the project is to enable jobseekers to place their resumes and companies to publish their vacancies. It enables jobseekers to post their resume, search for jobs, view personal job listings. It will provide various companies to place their vacancy profile on the site and also have an option to search candidate resumes. Apart from this there will be an admin module for the administrator to make changes to the database content.

Vintavu application is the recruitment process to suit the modern jobs marketplace.
Job seekers- Job seeker, who is searching for job can enter the website, they can register and build their resume for free of cost.
Employers – The employer can enter the website & create their own account for free of cost. They can post job & search employee database.
Admin- The full control over the users & their functions

Technology used
.Net, C#, ASP.NET, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, On2 Flix Publisher

The development of job portal benefited in more ways than one.

    • Quick search through numerous candidates and explore their capabilities.
    • Video profiles offer the leading edge to gain insight into candidate’s abilities.
    • Employers content with shortlisted candidates.
    • Short listing the right employee is not cumbersome anymore.
    • Great save on time and money.
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Morgan McKinley Enables Job Seekers To Apply With LinkedIn

Morgan McKinley is the first Irish recruitment company that have enabled job seekers to apply to their jobs via the Apply with LinkedIn plugin from LinkedIn. After talking to recruiters in Morgan McKinley they say that it does have a drawback because they do not get the applicant’s CV but just a link to the LinkedIn profile.

But Morgan McKinley might me one something much larger here actually. The Apply with LinkedIn button solves one problem that always puzzled me. And that was the applications from the mobile devices? Ireland mobile users are predominantly iPhone 4 users. And guess what – in the iPhone you cannot apply to a job on a web site. Uploading of a CV is not supported. So with all this tremendous growth of the mobile smartphone (or not so smart!?) web traffic the only conversion one could achieve is to make job seekers email themselves with a link to the job advertised, and deal with it later on, on the PC. And that we know is pure rubbish of a process. Having a button that sends a recruiter your LinkedIn profile instantly – and all that with a single click (well two actually) sounds much better to me.

Morgan McKinley being ranked as a second highest ranking recruitment agency in Ireland by Alexa has a significant traffic on their site. We are not talking hundreds a day any more for a long time now. There is most likely still a single digit percentage of the mobile visitors, but that will grow to double digit figure in the next year as well. Without the Apply with LinkedIn button – they would not get a single interaction from all those mobile users.

Well done Morgan McKinley!

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Rock bottom quality journalism from Silicon Republic

In the lovely article titled ‘UK tech companies fall behind US in social recruiting – survey

Silicon Republic states:

US companies are ahead of their UK counterparts when it comes to using the web and social media to recruit new employees, new research from recruitment software provider Zartis suggests.
LinkedIn is the most popular social media network for recruitment, with one-quarter of US companies directly advertising job vacancies on the site, compared to 14pc of UK companies doing the same.

So what a Silicon Republic reader is let to believe is? Yes, you have guessed it right, and the title of the article have helped you: UK tech companies fall behind US in social recruiting.

The only fact in the whole article to back it up is that there is more top US companies advertising jobs on LinkedIn than in UK. So the conclusion that the UK companies fall behind US ones is based on the number of jobs advertised on LinkedIn.

The reason this is so sad is that it shows absolute lack of understanding what online recruitment on the social networks actually is from the author of the article from SiliconRepublic. Any recruiter that uses LinkedIn knows well that even the city with the largest number of recruiters in the World on LinkedIn is – guess what? London! The number of social recruitment conferences in London is as well greater (per capita) than in any other city in the world!

The truth is that the UK, as well as majority of the European recruiters know well that advertising jobs is the last thing to do on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a ‘Social Network’ not a ‘Jobs Board’. Making a statement that the UK recruiters are ‘falling behind’ based on the number of jobs posted is just very, very wrong.

The best will be in about a year’s time when the ‘Update’ to this statistics gets published with the update: ‘UK recruiters are catching up with the US’. That will be based on the increase of the number of jobs published on LinkedIn in UK next year. I am guessing SiliconRepublic will not see any connection on the LinkedIn sales staff numbers in UK in the increase of the number of jobs posted next year.

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Blue Belt in Internet Recruitment

Recruitment training is an on-going hot potato in Ireland. When in early 2006 one of the largest recruitment agencies in the country called me to deliver a training, I was flattered but in the same time shocked. It was true that I knew how to write a job spec so that it appears on top of the job boards. It was true that I knew how to search LinkedIn. I know I am a good trainer. But,… shouldn’t recruiters know all this already?! Why do they call themselves recruiters if they cannot attract or find candidates?

I spoke to a lot of recruiters while traveling and training them around the country, trying to find out what do they do about their training and coaching. Interestingly enough almost all of them told me they have some internal training programme. What was even more interesting no one thought them even the basics about writing for the web, or searching the web to source candidates. The web as such was not a part of the recruitment training in Ireland in 2006! Fast forward to present.

Today I got my certificate: Blue Belt in Internet Recruitment. And I am very proud of it! And I know that everyone who did a one day course with me to get the Blue Belt in Internet Recruitment certificate is valuing theirs as well! Why? We simply learned so much within a day that it was hard to take it all in.

Only a few years after there was NO training for any usage of the web for Irish Recruiters, there is all of a sudden something that is a world class recruitment sourcing training programme? For this to happen the following was needed:

1. Internet, and especially the social part of it – where everyone can publish. Blogs written by enthusiastic experts have change the way we learn.
2. Recession that have shaken up the recruitment industry so much that every recruitment agency or HR employers department had to rethink the way they do their business.
3. And the most important ingredient – a RECRUITER with a passion for recruitment and the web.

There is no better person that I know of that would do it better than Jonathan Campbell. An inspirational speaker, innovative recruiter and a patent trainer.

Do you know how to find all public profiles, see a full profile of every single LinkedIn user, know how to find his/her email address, and the same for blogs Facebook and twitter? You do? Well than the Blue Belt in Internet Recruitment course is not for you.

Do you publish your jobs on job boards and search the CV databases to find candidates? And are happy doing so? Then the Blue Belt in Internet Recruitment is NOT for you as well.

Jonathan’s Blue Belt in Internet Recruitment is for everyone else in between. And I can tell you I know very few recruiters that are in the first group who know it all already. On the other hand I know a lot of recruiters who are job board ONLY oriented. And happy to do so. I do understand that there are niches, and industries where that works well. I also know that there is less and less of those every single day.

If you are short of candidates there is nothing else currently available in Ireland that I would recommend better than Blue Belt in Internet Recruitment course. Why? You WILL learn to find ANY candidate that has left his professional footprint anywhere on the web.

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Twitter is Hiring in Ireland!

As announced last week Twitter is setting up in Dublin. The first position is advertised today for the HR Business Partner.

Here is from the job announcement:

“We currently have an opening for an HR business partner. Here at Twitter, the goal of HR is to serve as a consultant across the organisation, to shepherd the core values and to protect the culture.”
“We help to foster relationships of trust, influence and change, when it is needed. Increasingly, we are championing best practice solutions before they are needed. And, very importantly, we provide great service to all of our employees. We spearhead solutions that promote healthy and productive professional lives for everyone at Twitter.”

Most of Irish media started speculation how “big” will Twitters presence be in Ireland? The comparisons and parallels with the recently set up companies have been drawn like the one most quoted from the IDA Ireland spokesman: “Facebook came to Dublin with plans to create 40 jobs and will employ 300 people at the end of this year. Google came here with plans to create 230 jobs and now employs 2,200.
What the IDA Spokesman forgot to mention is the number of staff LinkedIn has in Dublin. It is fairly small office, and there is no need to grow it further much really.

My prediction is that Twitters presence in Ireland will remain VERY small. There is no need for a large staff numbers . Nothing like Google 2,200 people really. Nothing like Facebook 200-something as well actually. Why is that?

Google has a long list of products that it supports and sells from the Dublin office. Do not forget that Google is the largest Advertising company in the world. We all know what Google AdWords is. Facebook is trying to do the same really. If you look at both of their average staff, it is all Account Management and similar sales positions. LinkedIn has ex recruiters selling recruitment packages.
What will Twitter sell you? Do you ever pay to Twitter? No. That is the truth today, and it could change once in the future. Up until then, Twitter doesn’t need the army of sales people as Google and other selling advertisements do. Twitter does not sell. Twitter does not support you much either, since you are not a paying customer. Twitter just show you that image of a whale being carried out by birds when the site goes down.

Or am I missing something?

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