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Careers Service: ‘DIT Style’

I got an email from the Dublin Institute of Technology to check their new Careers Site called “JobScene”.
This is the exact text that welcomed me there:

To access jobscene and view our current opportunities you must register first.

I must register to see jobs? I am guessing there is a reason for it? Perhaps it is a closed service just for DIT Students? Well, the second sentence reads:

To register: Enter your name, email address and date of birth. It is not compulsory to enter a student number.

So, I do not have to be a DIT Student to see the jobs? You just need my age? Why?

The fact that one cannot see the jobs without revealing his/her age is something I really do not understand. Not only it might be a slight problem that Google will not reveal it’s age, hence the website SEO is dead before it started, but why do you need my age, and email, name and whatever else you need to reveal the job openings just baffles me. The DIT Careers people obviously know something you and I don’t!

As a job seeker – one would never sign up to it.

There is also a great service for Employers. Here is what the DIT Careers Service site reads:

Employers: To pledge a job click on
What is ? Hireland is an initiative brought to you not by the government or any lobby group, but by ordinary people who realise we all need to do things for ourselves. We need to Kickstart Ireland. So Hireland is asking Irish Businesses to think differently – and to pledge a short or long term job now.
Your company will appear on our Pledgers wall and becomes a positive ripple effect for all to see. Your pledge will be counted and become part of Hireland’s Growth index and form part of a powerful voice that Ireland is open for business.

So as an employer I can’t advertise my jobs on the DIT Careers Service web site, but am sent to some other web site? And there I actually cannot advertise jobs but get listed on “Pledgers wall and becomes a positive ripple effect for all to see.”
Eek? I don’t need a ripple effect? I need staff?

Unbelievable? Yes, I agree. But here is a screenshot of the page.

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Ivan A. Stojnanovic
Founder of Portal Ltd.
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Hi Ivan. Thanks for your comment. The platform jobscene sits on is externally hosted and is one shared by many Higher Education Institutions in Ireland. At present there are 247 opportunities on Jobscene (from full and part time roles to internships to summer vacancies). Employers can adverstise free of charge while jobseekers can receive email alerts for sectors and opportunites chosen in their profile.

Thank you for highlighting the positioning of our link to Hireland, which I agree could mislead an employer who wishes to advertise a job. We were simply promoting this initiative which is separate to Jobscene. I will have this text removed in order to avoid any further confusion.

Employers wishing to advertise on Jobsence simply need to register and login in at In fact we often post vacancies for employers who email them to us.

I will also raise your concern about the necessity to include date of birth upon registration with the provider and return to you

once again many thanks for your feedback


I always scratch my head when I come across a website that forces you to enter some sort of random information before viewing part of their site. It isn’t just DOBs either; I have seen all sorts from gender through location to salary. I have no idea what relevance any of it has in the real world – possibly just a veteran programmer who thinks it would be useful to block access to trawlers? Who knows?

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