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Bankers applying for jobs in McDonald’s

jobs-in-mcdonaldsPhoto credit: Myung Jung Kim/PA Wire

Evening Echo:

Jobs in a new McDonald’s branch in Ennis have attracted applications from unemployed bankers, architects and accountants.

There were 500 applications for jobs in the new branch in 10 days. The jobs were advertised solely on a banner at the site which was taken down after 10 days because franchisee Kieran McDermott had received so many CVs.

He said the situation was the direct opposite in 2002, when he opened a branch in Shannon.

Employees were difficult to find then, as Ireland was at the height of the boom with very low levels of unemployment.

6 replies on “Bankers applying for jobs in McDonald’s”

It was like the ‘Guest Arbiter’ policy operated in Germany when Germans wouldn’t do the menial jobs, like sweep the roads etc.

But that changed during one of their economic downturns and I guess it will change again.

So, I would expect it to change in Ireland, unless a few hundred thousand Minister-of-State jobs (i.e. jobs for the boys) can be created.

What an article!2 years ago no Irish wanted to take a job in security,Lidl or Aldi (I mean very low paid jobs) and now bankers applying to McDonald. This McDonald might be the most over qualified McDonald in the whole world. LOL!

one of the poorest joke that i’ve ever come across. newayz it will be fun looking at the well suited bankers serving pizzas and burgers. if any body finds such a scene, please take a snap and mail me !!!

I got one of the jobs there! I am not exactly a student tho and i am still in secondary school! One thing i don’t get is the stuck up attitude of people even in times like these. A job is a job no matter where it is and McDonalds does pay well… I enjoy the work very much as there is a very healthy environment there..

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